Our goal is to start processing statements on the 25th of the month and have them prepared to go out to the owners by the 29th – 30th. If you sign up for our direct deposit we will then email you a statement and direct deposit your funds; however, if you chose not to participate in direct deposit then you statement will be mailed to you via regular US Postal mail at this time.
We will always try to notify you of any repairs that we do prior to coming on your statement; however, our threshold per our contact is $250.00 or above is what requires prior owner approval.
Our typical office hours here are 9am to 5:30pm Eastern Standard Time Zone. The main office line you can call is 859-283-5628. Our fax line is 859-402-0666.
Our email address for anyone in the office is pretty easy. The person you are trying to reach first name @cincyareaproperties.com. Example would be Jesse@cincyareaproperties.com
You need to call Greater Cincinnati Water Works at 513-591-7700 and make sure that the tenant that is occupying the property gets placed on the bill immediately. You as the owner needs to make this call as Cincinnati Water Works will not allow me the property manager to do it for you.
I will need the following: • Signed property management agreement • Verification of home owners insurance • Direct deposit if you are participating • Current contact information
You need to know that your first rental payment may not arrive 90 to 120 days from the date that the completion of the necessary paperwork and passed inspections. There are cases that it may come in faster; however, on the other side there are cases it may take longer. Your first payment will be a lump sum from the approved moved in date and you will receive regular schedule payments thereafter.
CAP only charges you on gross rents collected. So if we don’t collect for 90 days then we don’t charge you the monthly percentage until it comes in. Once the lump sum does arrive then CAP will charge the full percentage of the monies received.
If maintenance billings do occur when we are in the waiting period for section 8 rents to come in then you will be billed for them. Ideally we would hopefully have rents coming from another property to cover the expense, but in the event that is not the case you will be sent an invoice with a due date of payment.
It is important to know that in Cincinnati the registered owner of the property is ultimately responsible for the water bill. As a courtesy they will send a copy of the bill to the tenant (only if they are notified to do so, reference question #5) but if they do not pay you will be the one that has to. We (your property manager) will not receive a copy of the bill so it is on you to notify us if there is a late bill so that we can take action. If the bill is large and unpaid we will go over collection recommendations and even more towards eviction proceedings if necessary.