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Here you will be able to find our application for tenancy, get answers to frequently asked questions about the move in process and of course view available properties for rent. If you are a current tenant you can also submit a maintenance and report any other problems that you may be having.


How do I apply for an available unit from CAP?

You can contact our leasing agent at 859-283-5628 or via email at to view available units.

I have a unit picked out and an application ready to go. What do I do now?

You can fax your completed application to 859-283-5629, you can email it to or you can mail it via postal mail to 100 Crisler Way. Suite 103 Crescent Springs, KY 41017.

Does CAP charge any type of application fee and what does it pay for?

Yes we do charge a $30.00 fee to apply for a unit. It covers a processing fee and background check to determine suitability for our units. The fee is a one-time fee as long as you never leave one of our properties. If you do leave one our properties and return later then a new application fee will be levied and collected.

I have a move in date scheduled, what do I need to do prior to that?

At this point you must have paid your deposit in full and are ready to move in. Prior to your move in date you need to have transferred all applicable Duke Energy accounts over into the leasee’s name as well as any applicable water company accounts. Our staff will confirm this prior to your move in, if you have not done this yet then you will be able to move in.

Secondly upon move in day you will be required to pay all rent monies owed at that time.

I am a current resident of CAP and I have a friend that I’d like to refer to you. Do you offer any incentive programs?

Yes at CAP we encourage our existing tenants to refer their friends and family. If you are a current resident and you make a referral that we do indeed rent to you will receive $100.00 cash or gift card referral after that person pays their 4th consecutive on time rental payment.

I live in Cincinnati and I fail to make a payment on the water bill. What are the consequences?

At CAP we monitor the water bills closely. If you fail to make a payment then you will be subject to eviction proceedings if you do not take the appropriate steps to put yourself on payment plan with the water district and keep to it. If you constantly fall behind in water payments you will be subject to a termination of your lease agreement.

When is my rent payment considered late? What are the late charges assessed to me?

All rents are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late on the 5th. If you make your payment by mail then it must be post-marked by the 5th or it will be considered late. If your payment is late then a $50.00 late fee will be assessed.

Where do I send my rent payments?

Our office address: 100 Crisler Way. Suite 103 Crescent Springs, KY 41017.

Are there any fee’s I’m responsible for or any other charges that I may incur?

At CAP we do have items that are billable to the tenant. The following are some of the types of charges you may incur:

If you lock yourself out or need your locks or keys changed then a fee of $79.95

If you live in a single family home and do not have the ability to cut your own grass, then CAP will cut your grass for you two times per month for $25.00 per cut.

If we determine that a problem occurred due to tenant neglect (i.e. stopped up drain because you poured something in it or a whole put in the wall) then you will be billed for these damages at an hourly rate of $40.00 per hour + the cost of the materials.

I’ve lived at my home with CAP for one year now and I want to renew my lease. Are there any incentive programs for me?

If you have lived in one of our CAP managed homes for year and have paid on time every month and have not had any tenant neglect maintenance issues, then upon signing a new lease you will be eligible to receive a $25.00 grocery gift card.

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